Monday, December 7, 2015


     This truthfully strikes again today.  I was looking through other things I'd written and photos.  This truly grabbed me.  I'd been in that portion of Costa Rica in early 2000.  It was a wonderful time.  And, I also had a special teaching stretch re: spiritual mapping, which is focusing on the historical pieces of the Lord's people and Satan's people.  I was given a lot of info through a YWAM connected to teaching in South Africa where they had been involved there about a year earlier.  I have some of that info they gave me at their house in Los Chiles.  Anyhow, I was there for a couple weeks.  Dave missed me [and I'm missed him!], but he couldn't get out of Omaha re: working.   
      In today's stretch of my life, I don't know how to write the right words very often, and, as I've indicated, I believe strongly that I'll be in Heaven in the not-distant future.  Well, I would miss family and friends here, BUT I'm looking forward to seeing family and friends in Heaven and Spiritual "brothers and sisters" connected to the Bible.  I've wanted to meet Jeremiah, Isaiah, Daniel, Mary Magdalene, Jude, and John [especially re: Revelation] and hundreds of others.  And, of course, Heavenly Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit.  Anyhow, that's where I'm at.  I'll try to enter on here for a while, b/c I really love to be with Hazel and a few of my spiritual friends who are on there.  Trusting the Lord is all I can do! And my dementia is increasing significantly and it takes me a long time to read and/or write.  But I try.
     So this is a little bit of the wonderful pictures taken there.  I have MANY others, but just showing to you a few of them.  I'm a winker, re: it.

         I took the photo and it's with my 2 friends right at this edge of the boat!
 On a river time this was wonderful and special and strongly between the nations of Costa Rica and Nicaragua.  A treat!! 


Picture was taken when I would be leaving to Omaha in a couple days from San Jose.  Formerly, when she had picked me up in San Jose to go to their home in Los Chiles, we were on a bus together and it was over the mountains and a little scary sometimes.
Light couldn't be seen very well and the bus was covered with clouds and the roads were not very safe.  Praying and rejoicing on the Lord is all that could work out.  When leaving her place a couple weeks later, we went that way on the bus again.  When I would be heading to Omaha soon,  after we were to San Jose and on the bus again,  she stayed with me for an extra day and then she headed home. A day later, I was in the airport!  My whole time in Costa Rica for those weeks was a blessing!    

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Saleslady371 said...

I so enjoyed your post today, Joanne! I've been to Costa Rica twice and love it. Both times were heavenly experiences for me.

I'm sorry you are struggling my dear friend. You are a trooper to continue on and you are in my prayers! May God bless you for all the wonderful memories you share so enthusiastically on your blog site!

Hazel Moon said...

Joanne, you are a treasure and so needed here in your ministry to those murder sites, and prayer drives. Yes, heaven is our true home, and when we arrive, we will only weep for a short while, and Jesus will wipe those tears. Then we will be so busy we will forget all those we left behind. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.