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      I was about 12 to 14 years old in Tacoma, WA, at a Lutheran Church in a Confirmation class time.  Since I got into the church later than most of the others I had known at grade school and the junior high school, they were pretty shocked, b/c they knew I had never been there.  I hadn't been in any church ever at a regular time.  And many of them had known me as a fighter and a bad foul language girl.  But, suddenly I was put there.  Amazingly, insisted by my parents who didn't go there or anywhere at all.  I truly believe the Lord must have dropped this into them to put it into me.  I wasn't happy then, but, as much as I would never have understood quickly, it truly became a blessing.
     Suddenly, I had lots of the verses of the Bible to read and other portions of learning and Lutheran pieces.  As I recall, when there when 12 years old, I got a list to read Genesis, Psalms, John, and Revelation.  It was a strong difference than I had ever known.  It was a whole new world for me.
     I was thoroughly blessed by the pastor and his secretary.  She was in her early 20s and she really wanted to bless me.  Both of them were a wonderful treat.
     Now the info is re: how our world changed since then.  I was in that situation in the 1958 to 1960.  When I was reading Revelation, and talking to Mom, she was very upset.  She was about 37 to 39  years old during my time there.  Much of it frightened her.  However,  the main portion of Revelation that upset her strongest was listed in Chapter 11.  
     In the Book, accordingly, God had sent the 2 guys back down from heaven, and they were fighting with the other god/demonic situations.  Some of the info is that they were possibly Moses and Elijah OR Elijah and Enoch.  [I've heard a variety of info re: them, BTW.] They were protected people and the situations in Jerusalem and fighting very straight-forwardly for about 3-1/2 years.  Then, surprisingly and suddenly,  they were murdered, even though they had not been murdered before then, even though people had been trying to kill them.  Then, for 3-1/2 days their bodies were just on the open street.  People were refusing for them to be buried, even though the body stinkiness was extreme.  When they were dead, the people were rejoicing about it and somehow the races, tribes, languages, and nations were able to see their bodies on the street.  Then, suddenly, these Holy Spirit Servers were raised up again and ascended into heaven in a cloud. The consequence was that the destruction in that city hit strongly and people died.  But, according to other info pieces, there were people not just there, but around the world seeing this.  They were rejoicing when they were dead and happy to see the bodies, and then exploding because God had raised them up.
     Back then, which is logical, my Mom with those verses, told me that that was very scary and so much was filled with lying in the Bible.  She indicated that the world could never check up on people as easily as that.  I never forgot her response and knew she was thinking very carefully and, in those years, I thought she was right.
     Now, a number of years later, our world has truly changed in regard to seeing everything, especially in significant situations.  When I'm reading Revelation now, which is a consistent portion of the Bible for me, and I read that Book many, many times a year.  It occurs of the death and the healing to heaven, and people in our world will see it momentarily and most of them, since sinfulness has covered our world more strongly at that time, will explode in their fearfulness.
     So, Mom's in heaven and she'd sure get to know much more there than down here.  That's a treat! She officially came to the Lord when she was 80, even though she had known the Bible since she was a kid.  I can hardly wait to see her and my Dad and many others.  And I'm looking forward to Revelation filling our world more significantly now than dozens or hundreds or millions of years in the past to describe.  Trusting my Heavenly Father is all I can do, moment-by-moment.  He is "IT", forever.

Mom was a wonderful sax player in school and she was in a portion of Wisconsin during those years.  She had me do it when I was 9 years old.  And it laid on me strongly.
Mom's 90th birthday in Tacoma, July 28, 2010.
6 months later, the end of January, 2011, she went to heaven.
As I've said, I can hardly wait to get there and see her and my Dad and others.  A heart-filling situation now. 

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Hazel Moon said...

That is an amazing story how God (and your parents) sent you to confirmation classes. They must have thought it might keep you out of trouble! :-) Thanks for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

Floyd Samons said...

Awesome story. What a blessing to know your mom and dad along with our Father are waiting for you.

No wonder; you got the music in you!