Monday, February 16, 2015


Have had this on our porches for several years.  Not Jesus in the book exactly shown in the book I've written about Mary Magdalene, but truly smiled when I tried to find a photo of Jesus to share.  Either way He as Lion of Judah is our everyday, everywhere World.


The first time Jesus noticed Mary, it was merely an awareness of her presence.  He didn't see her with his eyes, but he knew she was in the crowd.  His spirit was always attuned to the cry of a desperate heart.

As usually happened when Jesus appeared, people pressed into him on all sides.   A woman, holding a young child, cried out "Jesus...Jesus... over here", and immediately the crowd separated to form a path.  He stopped.  Suddenly, eye-to-eye with her, they were alone. 

"What is it, Woman?" he asked with tenderness. 

Tears filled her eyes.  "Master. His legs.  See how bent they are?  He stumbles and falls always. My heart so hurts to watch him.  Oh, Master,  WILL you help him?" 

"Why did you come to me?"  asked Jesus.

"Sir, I have seen you heal others.  I know you care for us. For all of us."  She looked at him and her eyes had an expression of hope and love that moved his heart.

As everyone nearby watched, Jesus reached out his hands and placed them gently on the child.  For a few moments he stood in silence, and then aloud he said, "My Father, bless this mother and her son, and grant her request." To the amazement of all around, as he spoke, the child's legs straightened.

With tears of joy and gratitude streaming down her face, the happy mother danced through the crowd, her son in her arms.

Standing on the outer edge of the throng, Mary had listened as Jesus talked with the mother.  Mary couldn't see what was happening, but she heard the tenderness, the acceptance, the love in his voice...the eagerness to end the sadness of the family...his joy at THEIR joy...and she was stirred.

From that time onward, Mary followed Jesus, cautiously, from the distance.  She did not trust men...any man.  She agreed with the ancient observation that "the thoughts of a man's heart are only evil continually,"  and she was determined to not be deceived by another one.

But in Jesus, she had seen caring, unselfish service, love... and although she was not ready to step out from behind her wall, she was willing to wait.  To watch ... and to wait.

Since Ash Wednesday is occurring this week,  my written story will be entering and entering hearts from now until
 a day or a week after Resurrection Sunday.   
Can't not share about her, because in many ways she was me.
I look forward to seeing her in heaven!

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Saleslady371 said...

I feel like I'm right there in the story watching Jesus speak, touch and heal!

Hazel Moon said...

Some like Mary follow Jesus afar and almost are afraid to draw near to Him. May we cast all fear aside and bow before Him in adoration. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story. Don't worry if you are not able to read my stories and comment as I know you are having a rough time these days. Love you Joanne.