Monday, May 26, 2014


This took place in the early summer of 1972.  

In Redwood City, California, Doctors had told me to stay in bed ASAP for a couple months so my baby might survive.  Prior to that, the Doctors had tried to get me to let them abort the baby, since they were convinced it would be mentally and physically "dead".  I was terribly frightened about that possibility, but, as a Christian, I refused to have the baby removed.  AND, in those days, talking to a pastor or Christian counselor and bluntly describing things didn't work very well.  [Life is definitely different now for nearly all of us.]  My husband, basically, said it was up to me.  I hardly told anyone.  Just kept it strongly in my heart and mind.

A couple weeks after "living" in bed, it was a very late night and still about 2 AM had the light on.  I'd been reading for hours.  My 2-year-old daughter was asleep in her room. My husband was not in the apartment, but was hanging out in another apartment building where he was in charge of cleaning and fixing.  It was a couple towns north of ours towards San Francisco.

Suddenly, I saw a satanic "person" in my room and "he" began pressuring my chest.  I  could hardly breathe.  All I could do was say one word:  Jesus.  With horrible difficulty and very, very hard, I choked it out.  

After just a few times, my chest pressure relieved and I could breathe and it was an amazing moment.  I knew Jesus' angels had broken in through Him, for my heart, and for my baby.

My husband arrived about an hour later.  I don't recall ever telling him.  I told my spiritual Mom Joyce, who lived in San Mateo area, and she and her husband, John, often prayed for me and lifted me higher and higher for His protection.

I'm a grateful lady, to say the least.  The Lord protected me ... and brought my son into the world in good health.

BTW, Steve's Dad and I divorced in 1984.

And, as I've told about my son's birthday every year on my blog, the official national abortion law came into effect 5 days after he was born.  God protected both of us then, and have many times now.  Steve is 41 and making it.
Me with him on his graduation day, May, 1991

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Hazel Moon said...

I definitely believe that angels protect us and our children born and not born yet. The name of Jesus is powerful to chase the black hearted devil away.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful post with us here at “Tell Me a Story.”

Nina said...

What a wonderful testimony on how God protecst, gives strenght and guides us and our families ... thank you for sharing, Caryjo!

elizabeth said...

God is so faithful and better to us than we deserve!

Carol Van Der Woude said...

Beautiful story. It is wonderful when we catch a glimpse of God at work on our behalf.

Sandra @ Sandra's Ark said...

I remember bed rest time with my first two children but nothing as serious as was suggested to you. God loves us before we are born even if others will not and He is so faithful to protect us. Dropping in from Sunday Stillness. Blessings.