Monday, December 16, 2013


WOW!!  I had gone to northern Minnesota to visit my dear friend, Susan.  I was below zero while heading up and increased the cold while there, pushing into the 20 below range a few times.

 I didn't go out and about much from when I arrived on Monday afternoon, the 9th,  and left on Friday afternoon, the 13th.  BUT did go  out to the nearest town, about 4 miles away,  twice... and both times it was to share the "The Grinch" and "The Innkeeper's Daughter".  What a surprise and what a treat.

First, however, Susan had planned to have her family and a friend come over to her home and let me do it on Thursday
evening.  WELL, life changed.  They showed up about 5 on Monday with pizza,  and after eating it was my acting job to take place.  We were in her living room, me next to the Christmas tree, and I got the job done... very happily.  They smiled, sometimes laughed. [And I did, too.  Especially when Jay wore my "Cindy Lou Who" hat when Susan was taking a family/friend photo.]

Her son, Jay, who works as an art teacher in a local school that covers all the grades, said he'd talk to the principal and see if I could do it there.  I assumed that if it would work out, I'd do it by Thursday, since I was hitting the road on Friday afternoon.  Life changed again.  I heard nothing very soon.

On Thursday, however, I went to the home where friends were staying over the winter.  The owners were in Texas and the chance to stay in a home in an easier location than theirs, re: snow and zeros, worked out well for them.  After lunch, Nathan hit the road to pick up some other homeschool kids. The total of the kids from the two families came to 9.   I did it again.  They liked it.

When I got back to Susan's about 3:30, she told me that Jay had called and said that the principal wanted me to do it on Friday morning.  I needed to be there about 10:00.  I knew his class would be watching but wasn't certain sure who else and/or exactly the ages.  I just had to show up, then would find out.

What a TREAT!!  The classes were 9th to 12th grades and were connected to his art class and a musical class.  AND, even though it was a public school, I was told I could do Innkeeper's story also... which is very good, and also plants the seed of God into hearts.  I used to be able to do it at public schools, and was invited to do both stories fairly often.  A few years ago, though, it was no longer acceptable.  Kids and teachers who were connected to other religions or NO religions would be offended or filled with anger to hear a Christmas story, and it was not OK.  This event on Friday truly was a blessing for me, and, I believe, for them, too.

As I was watching while acting, I saw some teens smiling and
looking happy and some flat-faced and looking down.  But, I know that my God-job is to plant His seed in the hearts of people.  The seed can grow later... maybe years later ... but it's there.

The principal was not able to be in the class, although Jay said she wanted to be there.  I met her later, while leaving the building, and she was very sorry not to be there, but had to deal with some kids and couldn't leave her office.  We had a nice talk.  I heard later that she told Jay that I was a very nice lady.

I had another blessing.  When I finished, and we were in the music classroom, I was given a gift.  Jay told me that they were going to be singing for me.  It was a huge treat.  I took piles of photos, I laughed, I clapped, I thanked them.  It was connected to a song about "The Cat in the Hat"... so I did Dr. Seuss re: The Grinch and they did this song for me.  Do I remember the song?  No.  But I was so excited while watching them sing and dance and run around, and all I could do was LAUGH!!  What a blessing.

Now I'm home, I expect that now I'm done.  Until next December.  However, these 3 times up north were new times.  Susan had mentioned the possibility at her house before I left mine, so I took the costumes and the stories.  I never would have anticipated doing it more than once.

Now... this week cleaning the house, doing laundry, reading the Word, writing words, doing dishes, grocery shopping, physical therapy, dentist appointment.... reality is back in.  And that makes me happy, too.  I love to treat my husband any possible way.

PS... I hope you like the photos... worth a grin!

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elizabeth said...

I'm so glad you were able to do this, which brings such joy to you and to others. What a blessing!

Unknown said...

Dear Joanne
What a beautiful story. I must say that you look quite good in your red Christmas attire. You are right about the seeds, dear heart, we only need to allow Jesus to plant them in people's hearts through us, but He will allow it to grow in His way and in His time! Happy Xmas to you, dear friend.
Blessings XX

a joyful noise said...

What an exciting trip and to go with the flow and bless where you are able. Thanks for sharing at "Tell Me a Story." Your stories are such a blessing

Gayle said...

What a wonderful fun trip! I am glad you are back home and settled in. Blessings to you and hugs!

Floyd said...

Good for you! What a blessing it is to be able to do the job our Father sent us to do. Excellent job, sister. The seeds of Change are in their hearts.