Saturday, December 7, 2013


Was just thinking about a special event that occurred when Dave and I were first planning to leave for Uganda.  We thought we'd leave in December, 1990, but his job and some other issues kept us here.  We left January 19th, 2 days after the Operation Desert Storm began.  We had many challenges, time-wise and financially, believe me.

While planning ahead of time, mostly from October to December, we bought lots and lots of stuff.  We had been told about New Hope Uganda and its needs for family and kids.  We were supposed to take a fair amount of other products for a church in Jinja, and for African Children's Choir.

Dave had a good job and we had lots of saved money, so we bought much.  These are the photos.  

One of the hugest blessing I had was when I was at a local Hardware store.  I needed to get some of the ropes, strings, hammers, tape, and other basic pieces that could be used in Uganda.  

I had indicated to a hardware worker the reason I was struggling with some of the options.  A woman, who was shopping in the same aisle I was in, asked how I was doing financially.  I told her we were fine, had much to purchase to help the Ugandans and missionaries, but we were OK.

She reached into her purse and handed me $100.  She did not give me her name, she did not request or require anything.  And with that $100 I was able to purchase everything needed at the Hardware shop.

Every once in a while, while walking through that local hardware store,  it comes out to my heart again and again.  I hope the Lord has laid blessing and blessing and blessing upon this very "gifting" lady.  

Have never met her here again.  Hope to meet her in heaven. 

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Linda@Creekside said...

I love all the hard-won prep, the labor of love you poured into this mission, Cary Jo ... may God continue to pour out blessings on you as you continue loving others oh so well!

Have a delightful weekend ...

Anonymous said...

There are times people cross our paths like that - and we discover we have been visited by Him. Beautiful giving - both you and the lady who met your need!

Hazel Moon said...

The Lord God does supply our needs in often surprise ways. Those who gave will share in the rewards too. Your stories are interesting and exciting. Thank you for sharing at "Tell Me a Story."

Floyd said...

What a cool story! You followed the heart of our Father and as a leader you attracted more for His calling. That is awesome! You are the magnet, sister. The catalyst. The Blessed.