Monday, December 16, 2013


I was blessed beyond belief on last Friday night, December 13.  I was staying with a husband and wife pastors.  I was hitting the road on Saturday morning for home, but they were about 80 miles from when I left Susan's that afternoon.  I wouldn't have as much travel difficulty in the cold, snowy, freezing phase of life.

When I arrived on Friday afternoon, I immediately met their guests from Canada.  Spiritually intense, visionary, strength-of-the-Lord people.

I love Craig and Sonja's church!
Before I arrived, I knew I needed some special prayer time, for health and for a battle to the enemy.  Amazingly, they did it, all in agreement when they didn't discuss any of this about me.  But Craig and Sonja have known me for a few years when I'm up to Minnesota and going back and forth.  Been dealing with historical and otherwise spiritual issues together.

Anyhow, Friday night, I was told specifically by all of these people that I have been dealing with orphan spirit issues [which I'd never thought of; now reading it] and that God loves me especially as His daughter.  I was filled with joyfulness as I was leaving for home.  Filled my heart all day. Still is.

Today, when trying to share a poem or song I've written in the past, this one jumped in.  I wrote it about 32 years ago, when at a church here, and I felt strongly that it was good then.  NOW??  It's truly perfect.  My heart wanted it to mean this long ago, and felt it did.  Now it truly does!!!

Would love to have the song sung again.  Sure will be in my mind, heart, soul, and spirit now... for a LONG time!



            Every time I hear His name I’ll love Him more.
            Every time I hear His name, I’ll worship and adore Him.
            For He gave sweet life to me,
            And through all eternity
            Every time I hear His name, I’ll love Him more.

Verse 1:

           Oh, He is my dearest Friend,
           He came to me.
           He saved my soul from sin,
           He set me free.
           He hears me when I pray,
           He guides my steps each day,
           So, every time I hear His name, I’ll love Him more.

 Verse 2:

          Oh, He’ll be your dearest Friend,
          He’ll come to you.
          He will save you from your sin,
          He’ll see you through.
          He’ll listen when you pray,
          His promise says, He’ll make a way.
         And every time you hear His name,  you’ll love Him more.

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Unknown said...

Dear Joanne
When we grow up in an unhappy home, the evil one has so much time to make grooves into our minds of us not being good enough or lovable enough. When we come to Jesus it does take quite a while for Jesus' Spirit of Love to renew our minds and free us from that terrible web of lies. I am so glad these dear people helped you. Yes, my friend, your Pappa loves you especially!
Blessings XX

a joyful noise said...

It is amazing how these lies and (spiritual attitudes) can attach themselves even unbeknown to the child. "Orphan spirit," that can describe many of our feelings of loneliness and self pity as children and carried over into adulthood. When it is revealed to us that we are loved by God and that Jesus is the healer body, soul and spirit that we can experience freedom. Thank you for sharing with us here at "Tell Me a Story."

Gayle said...

Wow, don't you just love it when healing comes through prayer. You are a part of the family.

Floyd said...

You've been carrying Him and His words in your heart, just needed a break to remember them. Awesome poem. The prayers did more than any of us will know until we reach our real Home.