Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I was cleaning my curio cabinets today, and decided to share this bit.  Now, the cup was Made in China.  Do we become annoyed with this so often?  Yep, we sure do, and we should be.  [At least that's my opinion, for what it's worth.]

This, however, is different.

Joe led the praise singing at our wedding, 27 years ago on this coming Friday, September 21st.

Later, he was heavily involved in a local Bible school. At one point, he brought a Ugandan pastor to our house for a pizza dinner.  Joe intended to go to Uganda.  Dave and I intended to go to China through an international computer company he worked for in those days.  [I had studied Chinese missions for about 25 years by then and had a real heart to go over there and serve God however it could be worked out.  Dave, obviously, was more than willing, too.]

Well, life went opposite.  In 1991, we ended up in Uganda to make our first short-term checking-things-out-stretch.  The main reason: Because the Ugandan pastor, when visiting in '89, was used by the Lord to plant that into our hearts.  About the same time, after Joe had joined YWAM, thinking Uganda was his direction, he ended up in Hong Kong.  He and another worker created YWAM - FEET.  [Far East Evangelism Teams.]  

Even though Joe comes to town once every couple years or so, because of various schedule issues on our plates we rarely see each other. We miss him a lot.  If nothing else, we have much of the same spiritual warfare on our hearts.

After he had been there for about three years, he came home with gifts for his friends and family.  He came to our house and gave us this cup. 

We have had it ever since.  I used it for tea for a while, but then I set it aside, because I don't want to crack or break it.  

It was Made in China, and brought personally from Hong Kong...

And it always makes me smile.  Because of Joe.


Crystal Mary said...

Isn't that an excellent cup, with the lid to keep your drink hot. I am a slow hot tea drinker, so its just the right thing for me. Its nice to keep it for special times. Every time you look at it, you can think of your friend Joe.

S. Etole said...

What a fun remembrance in this pretty cup.

Gayle said...

The twists and turns of life are always amazing when we look back! This morning I realized I have been in different denominations in each ten years of my life-all Christian. Changes and unplanned happenings, all orchestrated by divine intelligence. I think we just have to step back and say...well, I didn't see this or plan this, but it is good!

Gayle said...

After reading this, I guess I didn't follow through on my thought. I have been looking for a church and haven't found one that just settles right. Last night I visited a congregation and while it was a different denomination I thought you know...perhaps God is leading me here. And I thought about the different seasons and the changes in each one and how each community was a part of what I needed at that time.

Floyd said...

What a blessing to have a friend like Joe. And now you have part of him... a modern day monument to remember.