Wednesday, September 12, 2012

9/11 ... THE CHILDREN...

10,000 ...


        lost one or both parents at one time and place.

10,000 ...

      saw, or will see, played or replayed,

10,000 ...


        the time and place their parents died.

How many will hear
    the commentators –
        voices filled with horror --
               speak of the

   “scores leaping/falling/flying to their deaths" --
                      and wonder --
                              was “that” mine?

How many nightmares are ahead for those children --
         and the many thousands of others --
             who no longer are innocents?

We can no longer protect our children --
    could we ever? – or was that, too, an illusion? --
         from the horrible realities of life. 

 Innocence was blown away --
              collapsed --
                     with the “icon” in New York.

And now we wait

            -- who will win? 
                            Can anyone win?

Terrorists don’t care;
    willing to lose all 

-- their lives, countrymen, women, children --
        chattel and chaff to a war
             won only in heaven.

     the ones who know God,
        who have trusted Jesus --
                   are in His presence.

     -- we can hope and pray --
        many had a moment
               to seek and hear

                and speak truth 
              in those last minutes,
                      or seconds.

           No “fox hole atheists”. 

     God’s grace covered the destruction --
         like a feather curtain, a mist --
    and provided just that moment of reality --
         before the end --

         For the Beginning.

The terrorists? 

       Feel sorriest for them.
                   They were sold up the river,

                                     sold a bill of goods,
                  hoodwinked by the Master Deceiver --
                     and promised a piece of Paradise

                        if they’d destroy the Infidels.

     in the same instant they destroyed all those lives,
                    they discovered the truth.

      Jesus said to the thief, 

           “Today you will be with me in Paradise;

     The Counterfeiter said,

           “Today you will be with me” --
                and neglected to tell them
                    how quickly their 

                     would become

Depression had hit me over this whole national/world-wide event, and I needed to "run away from home."  Dave and I decided I could go to the North Shore of Lake Superior, drive the van so I could sleep in it, find a campground, and stay as long as needed.  I reached there at October 1, and I was only there for four days. It truly became a spiritual healing time.

I've posted a number of my poems, etc., before, but never one of the very intense and filled-with-fright poems/proses.  Decided this should be added today  -- I couldn't yesterday b/c of the Bhutanese baby's birth and my exhaustion.

Transferring it from my North Shore book, I lost most of the line set-up I had... had to adjust.  Sorry if it's not organized, but I tried.

Tell Me a Story


Ruthie H. said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful and intense poem!

A Joyful Noise said...

Evil persons believe the lies, and at times we too are caught believing lies that we know are not truth. May we ever be watchful for the deceiver and keep our eyes of Jesus the Truth. Thank you for sharing this powerful poem at Tell Me a Story. We continue to remember that the lion is in the street, but we are watchful of his tricks.

Anonymous said...

It is perfect just the way it is because it pulls out of the heart, the anguish and soul-wrenching hurt and distress still buried in our minds and souls.

S. Etole said...

Glad to see you sharing some of what you wrote during that time.

Anonymous said...

I've read some good stuff here. Definitely worth bookmarking for revisiting.