Tuesday, June 19, 2012


God of all power
   Lighting the sky
Chariots of thunder
   Swords flashing by
Inside the circle of Your arms
  Under the shadow of Your wings
    Cupped in the hollow of Your hands –-

You whisper to me,
“Peace, peace, peace."
     "Peace, peace, peace."

God of all power
@@Waves pound the sands
Cascades and canyons
@@Formed by Your hands
Deep in the quiet of Your love
@@@Poured by the ocean of Your joy
@@@@@@Wrapped in the shelter of Your heart --

Whisper again,
“Peace, peace, peace."
@@@@@"Peace, peace, peace."

God of all power
@@Sought me with grace
Kindness and mercy
@@Shown from His face
Wooed me with tender words of love
@@@Held me with cords of gentle strength
@@@@@@Bound to His heart with wondrous joy --

Whispered to me.“Peace, peace, peace."
@@@@@ "Peace, peace, peace."

He whispers to me,
“Peace, peace, peace."@@@@@ 
            "Peace, peace, peace."

About twelve years ago, my "musician" husband had a musical phrase popping through his head, just a measure or so. He didn't know what to do with it or where to go. When he had hummed it to me, played it on his keyboard, it stuck in my head and I really felt an anointing for the melody. It just poured through my heart. Neither of us had any words, just a small piece of melody.

When home after a Wednesday evening service, I rushed to my office with some words in my head, and within about 10 minutes, I had written the "poem" using his melody. Then he expanded the melody since he had to adjust it to fit the words a bit, and he added the "tag" ending. Overall, really easy.

He was worship leader for the singles ministry at the church we attended, and started to use the song, and some people fell in love with it. We "CD'd" it along with some of our -- mostly his -- other songs. It's not professional enough to make it to the radio, etc., but there still are folks that like this song very much.
Dave does tell this funny part now, chuckling. My quiet, gentle, sweetheart was highly irritated with me when I rushed from my office, waving the paper in my hand, jumping for joy, hollering, "Here's the words for your song!" He always says, "I was really upset. It was MY song, for days I'd been trying to figure out where to go with it, and in just that short time SHE had the words." We always laugh now. Creativity ... on both our parts ... can "create" the occasional annoyance.

Felt it would be nice to share the poem. Wanted to fill this with lots and lots of photos to emphasize the glory of the hand of God in His marvelous creativity, while still revealing His kindness and willingness to drop a million levels of His power to whisper encouraging, life-building, gentle words to me, to us, to all.  Hope these will touch your hearts along with the words.


Floyd said...

Awesome song and poem. Sometimes the best things come quickly, just not often enough for most of us.

Peace, peace, peace. Thanks for sharing, I'm feeling a little more of it now...

S. Etole said...
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Lori said...

Beautiful poem and pictures, and really enjoyed the story behind them. Sometimes you can rush greatness, but then again, sometimes you can! It's all His time, anyway, right? :)

LifepointPA Women said...
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Lori said...

that should have been CAN'T and CAN :)

Jennifer @ GettingDownWithJesus.com said...

Whispering all that peace with you. With Jesus.

ells said...

we are neighbor’s at Jennifer’s...this is beautiful...God spoke His love...love...love at the beach to me...blessings to you~

Anonymous said...

Recognized this right away, cause I put it on when I do the Migun bed downstairs. It is so special to listen to it while relaxing and thanking Jesus for everything that comes to my mind and heart while listening to this "peaceful" song. The pictures are so perfect for it.


Christina said...

I love the words to this song. And the pictures with it are amazing. Thanks for sharing the story behind it:)