Saturday, June 16, 2012

PSALM 87:7

As well the singers as the
players on the instruments
shall say,

 All my springs --
my sources of life and joy --
are in You...

[May 12, 2006.  Dave's CD.  Our songs --  lyrics, melodies, and arrangements -- by Dave and I -- mostly Dave -- and composed over a period of time.  The rehearsal and programming was an absolute blast.  Dave is a well-skilled worship leader and wonderful pianist, believe me.  Truly loving and caring and pastoring for his "music family".  (I happen to be one blessed lady!)]



Christina said...

Yes, they are in Him! Such beautiful truth to set our hearts on.

Jennifer Richardson said...

"all my springs are in you"
....I love that!
yes, my heart sings YES!
glad thanks for this
beautiful stir,

Aleta Schrock Ellsworth said...

Congratulations of your CD!
I love that verse. Our everything in life is in Him.

Deidra said...

Is that you playing the clarinet? I had no idea! You never cease to amaze!

Patricia said...

Amen! All my joy is in You, LORD!

Wendy @ ECTaS said...

You are multi-talented! "Rock on the Rock Joanne!"

I love the clarinet. I once wrote a Hymn (including music)... I don't read music but a Christian music teacher friend wrote out the music for it so it was 'recorded'. When I first heard it - it blew me away. I never thought about it being played on the clarinet and it was lovely.

In fact, I just found copies of the music about half an hour ago.

You may have a copy if you wish. I could scan it and sent it (along with the Hymn to you).


P.S. If you wish it sent, my email is wendymmccallum at

P.S. Thank you for linking up with Scripture Sunday this week :D

S. Etole said...

"Where else shall we go?" ... yes, it's all in Him.

May the joy of the Lord be your strength.

Thoughts for the day said...

wow... awesome, I just love a small singing group. Miss that part of small churches.

elizabeth said...

Thanks so much for your kind encouragement on my photo and verse today!

Floyd said...

And a musician too? Wow. Good for you, what little I know of playing music I know is transforming.