Thursday, March 22, 2012


What a week!!! I'm in the "heading out the door" process. Leave tomorrow morning, driving a Bhutanese family from Omaha to St. Louis. They will visit family there until Sunday. What's really neat is that these four were Hindu when they arrived here and came to the Lord not long ago... they were baptized last month. Talk about rejoicing!!

The funny part for the trip? Unless one of my "granddaughters" [Lachi and Chandra's daughter, Purni] goes, and interprets as needed, it's going to be interesting. I'll be driving along and hear "SISTER! Toilet!"... so I'll need to find the next rest area... or "SISTER! Food!", and have to find someplace they can eat lunch. They speak a few English words now, but ain't no such thing as conversation. I'm going to listen to worship and praise music as much as possible to fill my heart during each 8 hours, coming and going.

So, this post is, at first, similar to a plain ol', plain ol' email.

BUT while I was in bed last night, a song kept floating through my head when I was in and out of sleep. I want to share it with you.

I talked about my salvation in the previous post. A month later I was asked to sing a hymn at a Sunday evening service. The one I chose meant a great deal to me and always has. I have to smile a bit: I don't remember any of the sermons, or the Bible class teachings, or the Word shared at group meetings. What I remember is the hymns and more casual songs with wonderful words and stories attached. Two of the first three that struck my heart and spirit were "Peace, Be Still" and "At Calvary". Loved them.

And it was song number three that I sang. It was so imbedded in me. Now, as I said on my previous post, I didn't change very much very soon. I was still a "tough cookie". But God used songs to break through my barriers.

I don't usually drop youtube bits onto a post, but need to do so this time. The song: I'd Rather Have Jesus. The singer: Jim Reeves. Hope you enjoy it.

When I return, I expect I'll fill in stories and gaps -- some fun, some serious. Expect it will be an interesting trip, to say the least.

[And, my friends, I have been so busy this week I've haven't had a chance to read many blogs. I truly want to, SO that's my main goal for next week; to catch up with all of you as much as possible. You are so respected and very much missed.]


Anonymous said...

Thank you for Jim Reeve's beautiful rendition of this song. Just sat and listened to a few more of his hymns. Such a blessing. And many prayers going up for you and your little "family" as you travel.



Anonymous said...

Dearest sister,
This song brings tears to my eyes. It's one of my very favorites ~ I remember singing it when I was younger and also with my family or mom and dad. :)


Praying for your journey to St. Louis and just know that it's going to be wonderful!

Bless you in Jesus' name,

S. Etole said...

Hope all goes well for all of you.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! I love that song! I didn't know it was special to you as well. I've never heard Jim Reeves version---only George Beverly Shea---but I have it chorded in my hymnal (and actually extra copies) so I can sing it in my own living room. Great!

Anonymous said...

Sorry---that last comment was from me, (Niki)