Monday, March 26, 2012


This was quite a trip, to say the least. I'll be posting about various pieces in the next couple days, but need to begin with the reason I was in St. Louis, of course.

We -- the 6 Bhutanese and I -- reached their visiting apartment complex in St. Louis on Friday at about 5:15. It was much later than anticipated, because accidents that occur
red on I-70 made us hit town during rush hours. It was quite a challenge. I didn't meet or visit their family and friends; just dropped the Biswas off and headed for my church-connected mom and her kids who were going to put me up, or put up with me, until Sunday.

On Sunday, early afternoon, I headed over to get them and that's when
much happened.

The first issue: I was driving through a part of town that showed the stop lights differently than I am accustomed to here. I was going to turn left in an intersection and when the light turned red, and no one was running the light from the other direction, I started to quickly turn. When I glanced, I saw a cross walk filled with college-aged students. I hit the brakes and stopped just a small few feet before I would have hit them. I still don't quite understand why it was like that, but for quite some time I drove and worshiped the Lord and thanked Him for protecting all of us. I could hardly breathe for some time.

After I reached the apartment area and was taken up to meet the family, I was treated like a special queen. One young lady told me that I was her Aunt, because she had heard that I am part of their family. She has 2 young boys and has been in the U.S. for 2 years. I was taken to another apartment to meet other family members and we visited for a few minutes. I started saying [hollering] over and over, "It's time to go." I had hoped to hit the road by 2:00; it was 2:40.

We had taken some photos together inside, but then took a number of them outside. And I made sure I had one that showed us as we were ready to climb in the van.

Then we headed
home. Once outside of St. L., and a number of miles west on I-70, the traffic was easier to deal with. We stopped at a rest area -- where these two photos were taken -- and a gas station. Other than that, I drove until reaching home just shy of 10:00. Total for the weekend: 939 miles.

Today, I'm hanging out at the house, resting, "choring", just doing bits and pieces. Hopefully, I'll have my energy tomorrow. Today it's quite limited.

I know this is just a "plain ol', plain ol'" email-style post, but needed to keep you all informed on all sides.

When Lachi and her family told me a couple weeks ago to take them on this trip, I wasn't so sure about when and how it could be done, whether I'd have the energy to focus with a van-load, AND the fact that I hadn't driven the van very often and certainly not very far; it is Dave's. But the important part and the huge blessing? DID IT!!!


S. Etole said...

Glad you're safely home! {The resemblance between you and your sister is uncanny now that your hair is longer.}

Anonymous said...

Again Dear "Little Sis", I am so proud of you! You make it seem so easy to just up and travel. I prayed for your safety and thanked the Lord over and over that He was going before you, following you and protecting you.

Glad you are back and resting today. You sure do need it.

Love, Me

Laurie Collett said...

Sounds like a fascinating trip! Welcome home, happy travels, and God bless!

Tesha said...

Glad to here all is well, and your home. Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog it really touched my heart!

A Joyful Noise said...

Such a lovely reunion and fellowship. Glad you had a great trip.