Friday, October 14, 2011


I guess I always will... I wonder if it's greener... on the far side of the hill."

In the Fall of 1963, having recently turned 18, I heard that song, sung by an acquaintance at college. Even though it had been around for a few years and has been sung by others since, according to its I-net history, I don’t recall ever hearing it other than that one time. However, right then, it was planted into my heart. This week, I re-discovered this song on Youtube. My eyes shot open, filled with glee, as I heard “my” song.

I always tell people that my two
favorite things in life are to stay home or go away. I love to be where I can putz and rest and enjoy family and friends HERE, wherever “here” has been over these many years. OR the excitement of going and seeing and doing and being so many other places with “family and friends” – whether it’s the solid ones or ones casually met in rest areas, fast food places, motels, side roads – I never know ahead of time what the joyful experiences and "God-jobs" will be while out and about.

When I was in Uganda, walking through the "bush" areas, I was known as a “continuing-around-the-curve-to-see-what’s-ne
xt” person. Always curious. Also, couldn’t stop too soon and not see what was on the other side of a hill. Always wanting to walk just a little further, so long as the sun wasn’t going to disappear too quickly and leave me in the dark -- which did happen a couple of times -- OOPS!

So, during all these years some of the lyrics and the melody would burst into my heart.

Another proof that “Roaming” is an all-lifetime “motto”... what the Lord led me to put on my license plate a few years ago.

Even t
hough the significant time for traveling around the country was reduced recently and may stay that way, I am now “roaming” all over Omaha to help the Bhutanese and other refugees, picking them up from the airport, taking them to hospitals, businesses, stores, and wherever is necessary. So, without being in Tibet, Bhutan, or Nepal... where I wanted to go for years, as a prayer-walker ... I am now just roaming a couple blocks up the street to help or visit my dear new families.

I’m needing to trust the Lord for His interpretation and definition of “roaming” -- just being where He calls me to be -- as opposed to what I perceived it -- going everywhere I want to, all the time, and doing, doing, doing... looking around curves and walking upward ...because I always
"wonder if it's greener... on the far side of the hill."


S. Etole said...

I think I first heard this song at a hootenanny at college.

Glad your roaming will soon bring you here!

SamAdhe said...

Mom, among the many things i miss about you even here is for us to take those adventures in the quest of "what is over the other side of the ...". Blessings, Sam

Jilll said...

I am glad you roamed to Uganda and that I have been able to roam over the USA with you. RMN4GOD with you has been a privilege and a great joy. Love you sis J, blessings Jill