Saturday, March 19, 2011


Need to fill in some gaps that have filled my life this week.

A few weeks ago I posted about Phurba. Well, in spite of the direction things were hoped to go, he will have brain surgery next Wednesday, the 23rd. The expectation is still that he will no longer have any memory. I guess that's OK on his part, but not for the rest of us. Much intense sadness prevails. I'll show up at the hospital mid-morning so I can follow through with the family, but am just hoping/praying that the Lord's hand will be very much a part of this. It has only been a short time ago that his parents and brothers [the ones I'm connected to, anyhow] have left Buddhism and turned to Jesus. Phurba, too, as far as he can express himself.

NEXT: Last Monday, my friend, Marge, and her hus
band were returning from a P.T. appointment for her arms and they were turning from one of our main roads onto another one that would lead to our area, and were crashed into by someone either running a red light or not seeing them... I've never had that story straight. The car hit the driver's side and Larry's airbag ballooned. His glasses were knocked off and he had a couple of small nicks on his arm. Marge... YES, wearing a seatbelt... was smashed into the dash. She told me later that night that she had thought she was dying b/c she couldn't breathe. The results: 4 broken ribs, cracked sternum, broken knee and various cracks in both legs. LOTS and lots of pain. When I visited her at the hospital on Wednesday they had shifted her out of the bed for a bit of time. She was excited to see out the window. Last night Dave and I went to see her at the rehab facility... and the anticipation is that it will be at least two months before her body is healed enough that she can get home because her arms were damaged before the accident so she won't have the strength to get around the house in a walker. Her room is an example of love: a number of flowers, especially her favorites, and lots and lots of visitors, and she's giving and receiving lots and lots of kisses.
ME: [I'd post a photo of myself with the look of extreme annoyance, but a few of you have already seen that on my face and heard it in my voice.] I've had a number of tests over the past few months. As a result I will be having esophageal surgery sometime between now and the end of summer -- whenever I can fit it into my schedule. Since they say the recovery will take a few weeks, I don't want to have travel schedules on my plate ... and I want to have the Bhutanese trained well enough that they can help take care of my house and yard if need be. [That's the benefit of teaching them how to do theirs!] However, my biggest fuss over this past couple years has been loopy dizziness that hits suddenly. This week, while helping with cleaning at Laxmi's [the mom in my previous post] house, I became so dizzy I started falling around again and couldn't even walk the 2 blocks home. SO now I'm being sent to a neurologist. That appt is the 30th. I don't know what they will require after that. I'm leaving town for the Northwest on April 25th and will be traveling in and out of our area until the end of June. However, even though driving isn't an issue, a number of other movements can be. Just thought I'd let you know.

I really do miss some of you much... piles and piles. Need to catch up with you, but so much stuff hits me. For instance, I just walked into Laxmi's house to see if any could go to church with me tonight for our Saturday night service, and realized the house isn't warm enough and found out that the furnace is off. They wouldn't have known why they were cold. So, now I've called the management company and need to bug them to come and take care of this... just on and on it goes.

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