Saturday, March 19, 2011


Yesterday it was airport time again. Nar's family, that arrived 3 weeks ago, was just added to. Nar's Mom, Laxmi, had a brother and his family [wife and two kids] arriving. She grabbed my arm a few days ago and asked, in Nepali, which I can't understand at all and am grateful to have a couple of her daughters interpret fairly easily, if I would take her to get her brother. I agreed, hoping it wouldn't be late at night.

Yesterday, just after noon, they reached Omaha. As I was standing aside and planning to take photos of the family, Laxmi grabbed my hand and pulled me to the family. She took her sis-in-law's hand and pressed our hands together... I guess I've been adopted. Then she put me in the midst of the photos.
I dropped the family members off in another part of town where they were going to be fed by other family members who have been here for several months [the newly arrived brother's Mom and other brothers]. [I don't have the newly present names down, yet... barely have Nar's family from 3 weeks ago planted in my head and now there're more and more!! Believe me, it's a challenge!]

Today, I will be going up the street to Laxmi's house and find out how things went yesterday.

So much is happening on a regular basis that I can hardly stay ahead of the game. For instance, some less-than-kind refugees in the local apt complex have been throwing garbage -- including tires -- into the yard of a lady up the street and she can't clean it out b/c of her arm problems. So, I have to arrange for a couple Bhutanese or Burmese guys to help me clean it out, have to take the tires to a local tire shop a couple blocks away, and pay for the tire disposal. One of the needs is to teach the various refugee families that it's not OK to dump their garbage in this lady's yard. DUH!! And will I seem to be a patient and kind woman? Don't think I can pull that off. Maybe the Holy Spirit can place some control, though.

Anyhow, have another post to pop on about another serious event this week, that is thoroughly unrelated to this stuff.

[There are a couple ladies from my church stepping in to help me now... and a couple men; maybe in a few weeks/months, we'll be able to coordinate things and plan ahead, instead of just scrambling after the various crises and intense situations.]

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