Thursday, February 3, 2011


I was just blessed to be able to listen to the service by connecting my house phone and my daughter Renae's cell phone. Except for a couple of times when voices seemed to go back and forth and up and down, I was able to listen. I also received a number of photos of the people who were speaking. I've been told I'll receive a video in the next stretch of time. Overall, I was just plain old fashioned rejoicing. It was fun to listen to people laugh, and laugh, and laugh again. My Mother was one unusual woman, to say the very least.

One blessing: Renae read the poem I wrote for Mom about five years ago for her gift on Mothers Day. You can read it if you'd like. Now, I'm "going away" to let the adrenal glands relax. [OH, YES!! The birds made it. HALLELUJAH!!!]

Mom --
lately, thinking of you
makes me smile.

Jesus said we must be
childlike to inherit
the Kingdom of God.
[Childlikeness has not come easily
to you or to me.]

And ...
I see the "child"

A gray-haired,

a quicker-to-laugh,
grateful and grace-giving child
of a grace-giving God.

A child --
listening for train whistles
watching lions roar and eagles fly,
waiting in wonder for the sight
over the next hill, around the next bend.

And --
Not fearing
the Last Bend.

Like a child returning Home
A Father's arms
will greet you.


Stephanie Gruber said...

Brought tears to my eyes...

B. Meandering said...

Beautiful, jo. Rejoicing with you--thrilled the birds made it. :)

Joyful Catholics said...

I'm sorry for your loss, J. I still miss my mom who left too soon, in 1991 at 71. How she'd love her twin great-grandsons! I'm pretty sure she's been given the chance to see them, through the 'portal' in the "dome" from her celestial vantage point. :) I prayed for your mom yesterday at Mass, and all of you, too. Losing a mom's presence ... nothing really compares to the 'vacuum' no matter how old they were. BUT in my heart and yours they 'live on' to continue to pray for us. God bless.