Thursday, February 17, 2011


I had intended to do this earlier in the week ... but I'm buried in refugee busyness, but for good, good reasons. For the first [and maybe only time] I'm in charge of putting a home together for a family of 7 that will arrive on the 24th from Nepal. Whether you like it or not, I'm sure I'll post about that in the next week or so when the project is in place.

So, here is my last "Mom" post [I think].
When m
y daughter, Renae, arrived from Tacoma a few days after the service, she came to my house on her way home from the airport at 10:30 at night. The reason? She wanted to give me flowers she had carried all the way home on the airplane for most of the day. The rose had nearly died before arriving home, but the carnations made it. Beautifully.

Since then, I have taken all the petals and put them in a special bowl which will last forever and ever, amen.

I also had a huge blessing last Monday. My sister, Niki, had sent a card to me and enclosed was the poem she wrote and shared at Mom's service. Even though I was listening on my phone at home, I couldn't hear all of this poem. So, when I received it and read it, I was overwhelmed with joy and the manner in which the Holy Spirit used Nik to speak His true Words about my Mom.

I just couldn't not share it with you. I hope it touches your hearts, too. At the service, after reading the poem, she and her daughters sang the song Mom
wanted, which was also a song that both Niki and I loved ... Kris Kristofferson's song of the mid-'70s, "Why Me, Lord?" The poem and song fit together in an amazing way.

@@@@@@@@@THE FIGHT IS ON

The Fight is on ---
@@@This girl was born for adversity
@@@@@@@In a time of complacency;
Her beginnings were shrouded in mystery,
In a world NOT of her own making.

The battle goes on------
Intelligence, stubbornness, pride----
Three enemies that would become her friends;
But, tell me, how else can a gal survive
In a world so dark with sin?

@@@@@She became a friend to many;
@@@@@Being loved and loved a lot.
@@@@@Never getting what she wanted,
@@@@@But truly loving what she got.

The fight is over-----

@@@For the Prince of Peace now holds her,
@@@Caressing away her furrowed brow.
@@@She now knows Perfect Love unending,
@@@For she "rests" in the Eternal Now.

And what do I say? AMEN!! HALLELUJAH!!!

Here's the last photo of the flowers, the gift from my church with the carnations Renae brought home to me added to the vase.


S. Etole said...

What an insightful poem ... crafted well.

That must have been a very personalized memorial service.

B. Meandering said...

That poem says a lot about your mom and her life. I have loved the song "Why Me, Lord?" since I first heard it in the 70's and it's one of the few of his that I think sounds better in his raspy voice.
Sounds like a wonderful service, jo.