Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Scripture says, “the rocks ... cry out” --
(My out-of-context translation)
And they did.
[They really did!]

I planned to not take some home.
(That is what I planned!)
But they would have none of it.
They shouted to me
to rescue them -- take them away --
away from battering waves and
freezing blasts of wind --
Shouted with colors
and sparkles
and barnacle-patterned mouths.

And I !!stopped!! --
oh, just for a moment --
just for a short glance.

And they grabbed me --
my heart, my soul, my arm --
and forced me to pick them up --
until they over-flowed,
first hand-- and then pocket,
and finally made a temporary lodging
pouched in my over-sized sweatshirt.

[Taking me to the shore and saying “no rocks” --
is akin to taking a
to a penny-candy store and saying,
“We’re only looking.”]

My first attempt at adding a photo -- North Shore of Superior at Tettagouche State Park -- and a large number of those "familial" rocks live in my house and yard [and car and backpack and jackets]. So... just moved one more tiny degree forward on the blogging learning curve. YEA!!


S. Etole said...

looks terrific ...

Jeanne Klaver said...

This is a great photo and complements your words so well. I love rock; always see so much in each one when I stop to look. Thank you for this lovely post.