Monday, February 15, 2010


My friend, Susie, asked if I would post this as she is going to put something that will link to it. [I don't understand all those things very well, yet, but I just try to go along with the program...] I wrote it back in October, '01, while I was hiding out on the North Shore of Superior, trying to deal with brokenheartedness connected to 9/11's life and death. Much of my writing during those days was very serious, very dark. This was one of the only light pieces, and I've enjoyed sharing it with friends and family over these years.

“Grandma” -- eyes wide, he asked -- “weren’t you
a-scared, camping ... in the woods ... in the dark
... alone?”

“Of course not!!” I answered .. and then added,
“well, maybe a little ...
But God was there --
and so were ladybugs.”

“Grandma, were there bears?
BIG, Black or Brown,
and Furry?
Did ya see ‘em?”

“No,” I said, “No bears, no scary stuff at all
[unless you count spiders],
Just squirrels and chipmunks, and, ...
Oh, yes ... I saw ladybugs.”

“They flew into my shirt and my
pants and my hat – and stayed there --
all red-orange and black on
my purple and blue and magenta.

And I brushed them away --
Oh, so gently
[one never wants to hurt a ladybug].”

“Did you have fun on your trip? --
Did you miss us and want us with you?”

“Of course!!” I answered,
wondering how a sometimes Grumpy Gramma
would do with all the munchkins.
“I thought you would like the water and the rocks,
and the trees -- but mostly,
you’d LOVE
the ladybugs.”


Devika said...

Lovely, Caryjo...From Susan's blog :)

I am another ladybug fan :)


Steve Gravano said...

Beautifully done.

Jeanne Klaver said...

I came from Susan's blog for your ladybug insight and enjoyed it so much I journeyed further into your blog. I am captivated. I'm going to enjoy following you!