Monday, November 7, 2016


        Six-and-a half years ago suddenly when the Lord told me to walk on a portion of our street area, and, at that time I thought I was to walk about a couple miles and worship and pray.  Well, when I was going, suddenly I met a couple people who were Bhutanese.  I hadn't known any of that at first.  WELL, it was a surprising and shocking opportunity to be a missionary here in our area.  I was used to do a lot of stuff for about five years.  They got strong jobs and lots of wonderful homes and lots of cars... so I couldn't be the one to go to the airport and help pick people us, etc.  And I'd been with dozens in the hospitals.  My husband has been a pianist at wedding or teaching a couple, and providing computers for many and reworking what they needed.  Anyhow, every Sunday I go to their church only about three blocks from my house, and, even though I don't understand their language, they are worshiping, and singing, and doing wonderful things.  So I'm given hugs and kisses from a bunch of them and I'm referred to as "Sister", "Mom", "Grandma", "Great-Grandma".  Always makes me SMILE!   Dave can't be there, because he's working at churches... piano or organ and fixing things... and he leaves home about 7 AM and gets home finally at about 4 PM.  But he's been much appreciated and loved.
     Anyhow, I'll just show a few pictures.  I've had hundreds, but hope to make you all smile.  We LOVED being missionaries in Uganda for a few years, dropped into Costa Rica for a short time, in England, in Paris, and, as a me-thing, I was in Morocco for a few weeks.  We can't go anywhere else as a few years ago indicated by the Lord, because of his job situation.  SO, the Lord put us strongly into the Bhutanese to be helpful.  Love them and appreciate how the Lord did that.
The first time... Ram and Dawa ... and their son was the pastor. His youngest sister. 

Nar, the pastors wife.  She's my girl!!

He's one of my grandsons.  Very sick consistently!

This was a wonderful time at another spiritual church here in town.

The church has become MUCH larger with many of them!

Love these guys!  Brothers and a Son!

Another of our favorites!!!

Wonderful wedding!!!  Dave and I loved this!!

Sure loved seeing this!!!  Many are my dear, dear friends.
      Just wanted to let you know that I'm not sure if I can ever put anything on again.  My dementia has increased and my body and brain are a challenge.  I can worship the Lord, glorify, pray, praise, and honor.  I do that all day and all night.  I'm in bed for about 12 or 13 hours, but sleep some of the time, but wake up and focus on the Lord.  He's using me in unusual ways re: my dreams.  Anyhow, just want to let you know that, since it's been about 7-1/2 years on the blogging.  I can't read very often of all of you and I can't write much.  So, just want to let you know.  Thank you much.  Love many of you and appreciate you around and about re: serving the Lord with they you have shared your info.  Bless you!!


Hazel Moon said...

Joanne, It is so wonderful to have a mission field at your doorstep. Your influence over these dear immigrants has ministered to their spirits. You have been and still are a great blessing to them and they to you. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

Floyd Samons said...

It's great to hear from you! Keep on going, sister. I'm praying for you. Love those pictures!

krishna said...

It is extremely how you are helping others.. you are an awesome person...

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