Monday, July 11, 2016


      Oh, on Saturday, July 9th, I was officially 71 years old.  I
woke up a bit and walked around the house a bit.  But, normally, I struggle much.  A few hours later, nearly 2 in the afternoon, my husband came home from his job at our church and picked me up and took me to my daughter's home.  Was a blessing to see her and her husband and some of my grandkids, and my great-grandson.  Then, munching food pieces and hugging and kissing is all I could do for about 2 hours.   
       THEN my husband drove many of the areas outside of Omaha to the towns and the acres and the hills where for about a year, when going around that whole area,  I've been a
worshiper and a prayer and I praise and sing.  It took about 2 hours.  Then I was home and Saturday night I had a few wonderful phone calls. 
       NOW, tomorrow a special lady is coming from Washington and we've never spent time together for 42 years.  When I was in Redwood City, CA, when I was 23, we ended up in a church.  She, a few years ago moved up the Washington.  She'd been in that portion of California for MANY years, since she was a kid and in her early 60s to get to Washington.  Now she's flying out and being here in Omaha for a week and it's a HUGE blessing.  We'll be picking her up at the airport tomorrow.  My son and my grandson will be taking us to lunch in a couple days re: my birthday, BUT they won't know what a blessing this is until we're together.  When she was babysitting my kids when I was working, she was very special for me.  Until I was 28, and being a special friend with and for her and her kids,  I suddenly flew out here, which was a miracle.  My daughter was 4-1/2 years old and my son was 16 months old.  So, adding 42 years to their ages means they ain't young and they both have kids and strong jobs.  Can hardly wait to see her tomorrow and hope to spread her to my kids in a special way.  I'll show her lots of other things in the Omaha area re: what a blessing this was.    It will be a wonderful situation during this week.  Then she'll be flying back out to the west.
      Anyhow, I don't know when and how I can read your things, b/c I'll be doing much with my friend for a week.  BUT I'll try to look at all your writing portion.  She, I hope, can be reading something... maybe when I give her "The Annie Project"... I'll attempt to read your things during that time.
      As I've said to you in the past, and it's much of the present, my dementia has increased and my body issue is a challenge.  The Lord healed my heart very strongly when I was 28, 39, and 42.  And He protected and kept me when even as a kid and adult in a variety of places in our nation and other places when I could have been murdered easily.  Obviously, I'd have been in Heaven a long time ago!  Well, I worship and pray and glorify the Lord and rejoice and look at Heaven much of the time when I see clouds.  
      Bless you all.  AND you're a blessing for many people.  AND the picture of me and my husband was at the lunch time at my daughter's.  


Hazel Moon said...

What a precious gift to have a friend you haven't seen for such a long time, fly out to visit you. Your Birthday celebration seems to continue and last for awhile as children take you to dinner and Dave drives you to places you love to pray over. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story, and continued Happy Birthday.

Floyd Samons said...

Happy Birthday!!! What a blessing to be able to spend it with loved ones. Awesome picture! I'm praying for you, sister.

Betty Draper said...

Happy glad your health was good enough to enjoy visiting with friends and family. We are getting closer to the ultimate eternal visit as the days pass faster and faster.