Saturday, April 11, 2015


     Well, when reading of Mary Magdalene when I was simply reading the Bible years and years ago, I thought of what she was doing that was similar to what was going on in my life as a kid.  As I've often said, I was blessed when the Lord broke into my life.  This is filled with seriousness and sinfulness, so if you want to skip it, that would be fine, too.  But this was in the last portion of my Mary Magdalene book.  [OH, and on April 15th, that will be the 49th birthday of me through accepting the Lord.  I'll be sharing pieces then, as I do every year on the writing possibilities.  Makes me rejoice and smile!]
Just turning 5; Kenton, WA, 1950.


     I’ve described myself in testimonies for the last forty-plus years so many times in ways that I’ve described Mary Magdalene.  Especially anger.  Anger buried deeply in my heart.
     I was not an official prostitute – harlot – as Mary is often described in the thoughts of many people throughout the centuries, but I was just like that when heading to my late teens.  As a molested girl, from pre-school age, regularly abused from the age of 5 through high school, both physically and verbally, I left home filled with furiousness.  Yes, I had seed planted in my life by good people in my schools, through  churches, and with friends who accepted me in spite of my outlook on life.
     But, when I left home, after a short time in college, I ended up with a job in Seattle when 18 years old, no help or family or friends anywhere nearby.  I entered heavily into alcohol.  Then, prior-to and after a date-rape, the anger filled me again ... way over the top.  And I entered the “harlot” world and was there for nearly 2 years.
     I’ve often said that if the Lord had not broken into my life, especially as I was heading for 21, I would have died from alcoholism, violence, or suicide.
     But He did break into my life with great kindness, mercy, love, and grace.
     Now, I rarely am angry.  I’m rarely ready to fight, physically.  But often am ready to “fight” when I’m trying to protect other people and plant seed of the Lord into their lives.  And I am not at all headed to suicide.  I want only my life, my time here on earth and for eternity, with my Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus, and my Holy Spirit.
     I’m very thankful that, just the same as the result for Mary Magdalene, God is BIGGER than any people who live in the world and who attempt to draw us to the wrong direction.
     So, that is my forever life here and there ... filled with gratefulness.

One portion of Uganda where Dave and I were serving
the Lord for several years.  I was significantly different
before then and since then.  Now we're home, but both
of us are serving for the Lord and doing whatever He says.
I'm very blessed, filled with rejoicing.


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Carrie said...

What a powerful testimony! Thank you for having the courage to share it. How blessed we are that Christ loves us through it all. Blessing!

Saleslady371 said...

Thank you for sharing your difficult past and how God rescued you with His grace and love. Your name means "strong" and I can see that you are a powerhouse of Christ's message to those around you. May He bless you for your courage!


Hazel Moon said...

God had his hand on you from before you were born, but it took sad things happening and years before the good seed planted could take root and bring you to Jesus. I am so glad the Holy Spirit led you to Jesus. Thank you for sharing at Tell me a Story.

floyd sam said...

Amazing how God can use the ugliness of this world for His glory and mercy for us. Awesome testimony, Jo.