Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Two of my favorite spiritual brothers from Nepal who are originally from Bhutan.  They are an example.  I had gone with them and their wives and a couple kids to the airport, because another two brothers were arriving that night and a Ravi's son and his wife were coming.  It was quite a night.  They were happy and I was happy to be with them.  Anyhow, the spiritual situation is that some of the Bhutanese were Christians in Nepal...even within Chandra and Ravi's family over there... but these two guys were Hinduism and they came to the Lord a few months after they were here.  Their brothers and wives and kids and grandkids and cousins and a pile of relatives are my friends and "family".   And many Bhutanese are part of my life, day by day.  

To use this Word of God, I was trying to find a way to put it in a photo.  This grabbed me.  They are doing all they can to serve the Lord.

I love so many of the Bhutanese.  And the blessing for me is that many of them love Dave and I and appreciate what we've been doing for them. 

  [I could show piles of photos of them and their family members and so many others, but this is simply connected to the Word.  Gotta keep myself in control, doncha think? ]

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Hazel Moon said...

The Joy of the Lord is radiated on their faces. I am so glad your witness is bringing many to Jesus here in the USA. You are a missionary where ever you are. Thanks for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

Jay Cookingham said...

Bless you for all the work you have faithfully done in the service of the King!

Sheila said...

You ooze joy and love everywhere you go. I'm so proud to call you friend. xoxoxo

elizabeth said...

Your life has touched so many!