Sunday, September 21, 2014


I'm rejoicing today.  It has been a huge blessing to be married to Dave.  He's been a wonderful, caring, giving, encouraging husband.  Have we ever fussed?  Maybe, but I can't really keep track of that, because the love breaks through over and over again.  So, gotta put a photo from the wedding and share a bit.  

AND something that will be a surprise to him, is that I am wearing the same purple leather skirt.  First time in about
15 years, because it didn't fit on me for quite a while.  Now I've lost enough pounds that I'm able to do it again.  He won't see it for a couple hours after this hits the blog, but he'll be grinning when I am in the Baptist church where he will be playing the piano/organ.  I'll pop in when he's practicing and I expect to see a grin and rolling eyes...a hug as he comes to the pew area to sit with me.

Anyhow, our day is going to be filled with much.  I'll be at our church, then his pianoing church time across town, then back to our church for a lunch time event there, then he'll be working at the church and I'll be going to the Bhutanese church this afternoon.  When it's all over, we're going down and around and about in Omaha, wherever he wants to go.  And we'll have a nice dinner time, a nice movie time [home or otherwise], a nice popping into kids and grandkids time if possible.

Next week, the 29th, from Monday to Friday we will be up in the Twin Cities area so we can spend time with his brothers and sister, see friends, go around and about -- maybe slipping to Duluth for one day so we can see friends and the Superior and go around and about to see what we loved there.  It will be a lot of fun to be with Dave, no matter where he wants to be.

OH, and as we went on our wedding trip in 1985, we stayed at my long-time friend Susan's in the NW
portion of Minnesota not far from Itasca State Park ... being at Susan's from Sunday evening until Saturday morning.  Then he took me to the Lake Superior area in northeastern area of Minnesota as a surprise so I would see "ocean, mountains, falls".  He knew I loved those in the northwest of Washington and Oregon and, living in the Omaha area for several years, couldn't see any of what I loved so much.  He wanted me to see those wonderful pieces.  It was a huge blessing. [And for an hour or so, we were in Canada. That was a treat, too.]
Anyhow, just sharing again about our marriage.  As I said, he's a wonderful treat.  A good guy.  And he WILL be smiling today when he sees that purple skirt that he bought for me right before our wedding from a special shop downtown.  It truly was a blessing to me then, and I hope it will be a blessing to him today.

[And next year it would be 30th anniversary and I'd be 70 years old.  So I hope I'm still alive, still brainy, to have that special rejoicing time and, hopefully, North Shoring again.  We've been there many times to laugh, walk on the paths, climb the variety of falls areas, walk on the beach many times, and be filled with joyfulness--and bring hundreds of rocks home.]


Floyd said...

Congratulations to you and Dave! God blessed you in a massive way, sister! Glad to hear you tell about it. You honor our Father and your husband. God bless, my friend.

elizabeth said...

Have a blessed anniversary getaway!

S. Etole said...

Hope your trip brings blessings to you both.