Monday, June 23, 2014


Just a standard photo to share, over and over again.

Did it again.  Today.  Brokenhearted again.  Fewer official murders so far this year, but it happens around and about, again and again.  Next month it will be my 6th year "anniversary" of doing this God-job.  Yes, it's sorrowful, but, yes, it's one of my strongest ministry issues.  Won't stop til there ain't no way I can physically get around and about.

This was a bit different.  He had no family there. None of the neighbors that seemed to be very nearby, didn't enter our group.  One fellow, Steve, that did come, had been his friend for years and was connected to the church of one of our F.R. pastor leaders, so came.  

While we were beginning to share info and pray, I glanced a couple houses down the street and saw a guy standing on the driveway, but a tree didn't make him extremely clear.  I decided I would go over and meet him and explain to him what we were doing.

His name is Johnny and he was very nice.  And very heartbroken, and would not go to our group, partly because he was afraid of what he would do in front of everyone, and I assume he would be crying.  He did say we could pray for him, but he wouldn't be there.  

So this is what he told me.  Last Saturday night, while his friend, across the street, near midnight, was stepping to his door, and two cars were driving around and shooting at each other.  Consequentially, Eugene was shot.  Johnny, hearing the shots, and heading out of his house, saw Eugene hit the ground.  In spite of the cars, one of which had shot HIS car [I saw where the bullet went in], he called the police, ran across the street, and held Eugene, trying to keep him talking.  Eugene died as getting to the hospital.

Eugene was a Christian.  He is in heaven.  Johnny and Eugene had been friends for 35 years, since Johnny was 10 years old, Eugene was 16.  How unusual is that?  Johnny was willing to be prayed for, but he said he doesn't go to church.

Much prayer was done for the neighborhood, for any possible family of Eugene's, and prayed over and over that the enemy can be defeated.  That's a significant goal that we focus on.  That general portion of town is the most dangerous, and has been since this city was "created" about 160 years ago.  With my spiritually historic job I do, I can point out many of the locations to be more careful for those who live there or work there.

Now, I'm home.  Now at rest.  But my heart is big on Johnny.  Eugene is in heaven; Johnny needs to prep more significantly to get there.  

One of my serious God-jobs, whether hot or cold outside.  But there.


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Hazel Moon said...

I know Johnny's heart was touched as you spent time with him and perhaps he will begin to attend church. Thank you for sharing your awesome post with us here at “Tell Me a Story.”

Mascha said...

A heartbeaking story! And for me somehow inconceivable - here in our small town in the middle of Germany murder is not part of life.