Monday, November 25, 2013


I wrote this poem/song nearly 7 years ago.  When reading in the portion of the Bible, [Numbers, Deuteronomy, and Joshua], when the 6 cities were places in Israel for the safety of people who had either purposely or accidentally killed someone, this song hit me.  In those old days, these cities were the refuge.  When Jesus covered our sins and went to Heaven, the city for all of us as refugees from our sin, that's all I can count on forever.

Hasn't been sung, hasn't been used.  But it was a pure blessing when it was dropped into my heart, soul, and spirit.



I was fleeing for my life
I could see the city gates
    Open to enfold and bring me in.
Behind me, on the pathway,
My enemy pursued me,
    Intending to destroy me for my sin.

Oh, Blessed place of Refuge
I Cried, Oh, Refuge City,
My only hope was found
    within your walls.
Before the priest I trembled
    and pled my case for mercy
I knew before this judge I’d stand or fall.

I was fleeing for my life,
Fleeing to the Blood of Refuge
    Shed by Jesus Christ, it drew me in.
Behind me on the pathway
My Enemy pursued me,
    Accusing and condemning me for sin.

Oh, Blessed Man of Refuge,
I cried, Oh, Blessed Savior,
My only hope is
     through Your cleansing Blood.
Before my Priest I worshiped
He pled my case for mercy
Freedom came through
    His Redeeming Love.

And now I walk in Freedom,
I daily walk in Freedom,
    Rejoicing as I look upon His face.
The Refuge I once cried for,
The Refuge Jesus died for,
    Enfolded me within the walls of Grace.

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Hazel Moon said...

Dear Joanne, your poem is so very wonderful, and I thank you for sharing it here with us at "Tell Me a Story."

Sharon said...

Caryjo, this was just beautiful. My Friday post was about the word *refuge* - and that is such a comforting word. You have captured so eloquently all that it means.

Shelter, salvation, hope, mercy, freedom, grace.

We have much to be thankful for.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!


Mia De Vries said...

Dear Joanne
Your poem reminds me a lot of the psalms of King David. Yes, we are already citizens of heaven, the New Jerusalem, living in Jesus, our High Priest over all!
Blessings XX

Debby Ray said...

Caryjo...oh my goodness...this song/poem is so wonderful. As I read it, it gave me chills and I could almost put a tune to it in my own head. What beautiful words and awesome message! You really should try to get that published, friend!

Floyd said...

Beautiful… Walking in peace… May we all walk with His spirit overflowing our lives with His life.