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My most important ministry during that 3-weeks -- praying for her and her children, as she was dying.  She died two months later.  I heard from Pastor Joseph-Baptist.
The last three weeks in Soroti, early-to-mid-January, 2004, I was alone much of the time when working.  Usually, I had no help in the office as I reached out to help pastors and others.  I was a bit frustrated, to say the least, because I was running out of money -- both the ministry's and mine. Saw so much that should be, and could be, done, but I couldn't do it.

Sometime my pastors would pop in. Pastors Job, Joseph-Baptist, Joseph-Anglican, Justin, and George, either together or separately.  We would encourage each other.

Another blessing:  God used me to purchase some malaria pills for George.  He was very sick, but coming to a meeting at the office, and had NO MONEY.  I rushed to the nearby drug store, got pills and gave them to George, and it made a huge change in him almost immediately.  I LOVED being used by our Lord.

Even though I did have good ones occasionally, the last evening was the most wonderful I ever had in Soroti,

I had been invited to dinner at the home of a lady I had met downtown during the lunch hour several times. She saw me filled with tears, often, while eating, and saw my health reducing significantly.  She had been
helping people through the Anglican church with a variety of food available to those who were in need.  I dropped in there a few times, and loved that place!  When she knew it was my last night, she heavily suggested that I come to her home, spend time with her, and would help me gain strength.  I was there by about 6, close enough to YWAM so I could walk there.

It was about 8:00 when I got a phone call.  Pastor Job said that he and my friends were coming to YWAM in his car and would be there soon.  I had to hurry over.  Gave the lady a hug and expressed great appreciation and then hit the side roads, walking fast.

They arrived just as I did.  Pastors Job, George, and Justin wanted to pray with and for me, since I was leaving very early in the morning.  [Joseph-Baptist was picking me up about 5 AM to get me to a bus.]  These wonderful men who I loved dearly, laid hands on me, HELD my hands, prayed over me, and gave me sweet and gentle hugs before they left.  They expressed their appreciation for me over and over again.

Would love to have photos of all of them!

 One of the sorrows in my heart ever since then is that I have "lost" them.  I truly, TRULY, miss them!

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Hazel Moon said...

Not lost, just sitting in the wings - - waiting for you!
Thank you for sharing your lovely story at "Tell Me a Story."