Tuesday, January 25, 2011


FOR WALKIN'." Remember the Jane Fonda "boots" song in 1966? [OK, I can see most of you rolling your eyes and saying, "WHAT???" -- Well, it's an "age" thing, if nothing else.]

My boots were also made for walkin'. Just not th
e same way that Jane Fonda was promoting... aimed at "walkin'" over a man... but walkin' up through the neighborhood, sluffing and fluffing my way through the street and up the alley and around the apartments to help the refugees as needed.

This is entirely different from the last 7 years when I've had these boots, which were a HUGE bargain. [ One of those "God" shopping blessings... on sale, marked down from $180 to $30, and fit me like they had been made perfectly, just for me.] Over the past years I've worn them several times during the cold winter stretches, but never "sluffing and fluffing" through the piles of snow needed now to reach my new dear ones.

And they are also being used as a "walkin'" weapon to serve the Lord in prayer walking this location and battling the spiritual enemy, foot by foot, to bring the Lord's light and love over the large apartment complex.

[When the weather changes I'll be "sandal sluffing", but it will still be one serious walk-time.]

Now, gotta go... need to head up the street to ESL with the Burmese.


S. Etole said...

shod with the gospel of peace ...

keep on walkin'

Robin Arnold said...

I believe in prayer walking as a weapon against the enemy. I used to walk the halls of my office building before the day began to send satan packing. Thank you for your walks and your prayer work.

B. Meandering said...

I read your other post and it brought to mine this old verse: "God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform."
Am sorry to hear about your tiredness, friend. Take care of yourself as I continue to lift you up in prayer.