Saturday, January 23, 2010


This poem is based on the cities of refuge provided for the Israelites as a place of safety if there had been an accidental death or unplanned murder. If the priest agreed, the refugee was given permission to safely reside in that town, so long as he followed certain rules. [More details, but if you're curious, look it up.] The cities of refuge are symbolic of how the blood of Jesus provides "forever refuge." [I also have this as a song.] [I'm still struggling a bit with posting adjustments...this doesn't have the spacing my original piece has. Oh, well.]


I was fleeing for my life
I could see the city gates
Open to enfold and bring me in.
Behind me, on the pathway,
My enemy pursued me,
Intending to destroy me for my sin.

Oh, Blessed place of Refuge
I Cried, Oh, Refuge City,
My only hope was found
within your walls.
Before the priest I trembled
and pled my case for mercy
I knew before this judge I’d stand or fall.


I was fleeing for my life,
Fleeing to the Blood of Refuge
Shed by Jesus Christ, it drew me in.
Behind me on the pathway
My Enemy pursued me,
Accusing and condemning me for sin.

Oh, Blessed Man of Refuge,
I cried, Oh, Blessed Savior,
My only hope is through
Your cleansing Blood.
Before my Priest I worshiped
He pled my case for mercy--
Freedom came through
His Redeeming Love.

And now I walk in Freedom,
I daily walk in Freedom,
Rejoicing as I look upon His face.
The Refuge I once cried for,
The Refuge Jesus died for,
Enfolded me within the walls of Grace.

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Niki said...

I REALLY like your poem!!! I love the meaning and the rhythm.....very well done. It actually puts a particular melody in my head.